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How Technology Can Easily Improve Your Business in 2021

25 March, 2021 Technology


Technology isn't all about computer games and virtual reality glasses. In fact, there's hardly an area of our lives that hasn't been influenced by it. Most people have smartphones and internet connections, and they can open the door to a whole new world.


How Technology Can Easily Improve Your Business in 2021


When it comes to harnessing the power of modern innovations, businesses have often been at the forefront. It's no surprise because it can often help them operate more efficiently, saving time and money in the process. Perhaps you are wondering what are the key benefits technology could have for your business. Let's find out now.


Customized Systems

Every business is different, and ‘one size fits all' software rarely meets the need. Fortunately, there are specialist companies that can help identify the best resources, and then adapt them for purpose. The IT consultants at say businesses are keen to save time on their task management, and hiring and onboarding processes. They also want to gain bespoke software for their sales and forecasting and obtain HR and payroll integrations.


Extra Communication Channels

There are applications such as Slack that can help colleagues to communicate privately, or to selected groups such as business teams or project members.


Video conferencing enables colleagues to have virtual face-to-face discussions, no matter where they are at the time. Such applications include Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Rooms, and Google Hangouts.


Better Monitoring

Smart applications enable people to access company data and edit it when they are using computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If a manager has field staff, they can keep tabs on their whereabouts, and see what jobs they are doing.


Thanks to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems it's possible for a host of company data to be fed into one place. A manager can then access a customized dashboard with real-time updates. They can assess the current work position without needing to ask individuals for updates.


Improved Productivity

Using smart technology, employees can use ‘dead' time to perform work tasks. This may include taxi journeys, airport waiting areas, or hotel stays.


Field staff can get clients to sign for completed work using their smartphones. This saves administration time.


Enhanced Customer Service

Software such as Salesforce enables people to access the entire customer journey from ‘the cradle to the grave.' It can identify if emails have been missed or if warm leads haven't been followed up.


The public expects more from company websites these days. In addition to speaking to call staff, they want live chat and smart bot options. They also enjoy booking appointments using online calendars. By creating accounts online, they also like to know how their orders or returns are doing.


Greater Data Security

Modern technology is able to provide firewalls and antivirus software. It can help keep out malware, spam, phishing attacks, and more from peoples‘ email inboxes. When messages are sent, they can be encrypted. This means there are additional protective layers to stop online thieves from gaining access.


Two-factor authentication is becoming widespread, especially where financial transactions are occurring. This can prevent people from losing money to online hackers and cybercriminals.


More Marketing Possibilities

People can be encouraged to subscribe to newsletters in return for special offers. Their email addresses can then be used for marketing campaigns. AI technology can help automate this process, and even personalize the messages to suit the person's profile.


SMS marketing is also on the rise because people like to receive notifications by text. There is a high level of engagement here.


Powerful Data Analysis

When CRM systems are used, customized reports can be automatically produced on request. This reduces manual involvement and the chance for human error. Managers can review their resources at a glance, identifying training needs and assessing holiday timetables.


Companies are able to use such software as Google Ads and Google Analytics for marketing purposes. They can assess the number of visitors to their website, and identify who their target audience is. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help businesses identify customer search words on web browsers, and help improve their website ranking.


The Tool Of Social Media

When companies have an online presence here, they can redirect traffic to their sales pages and digital catalogs. Similar things can be achieved using blogs.


The Tool Of Social Media


This has been a brief whistle-stop tour, but we've seen enough to recognize the power of technology for businesses. It can help companies overtake their rivals, and such things as PPC marketing campaigns can provide an instant top ranking for their websites. Technology can provide the wind in a company's sales, and drive it towards exponential growth.


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