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How To Download Files Faster on your Samsung Galaxy S5

14 April, 2014 Galaxy S7

S5 Download Booster


If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 you can boost your Download speed 80-90% faster with a simple feature that is already on your phone. The Galaxy S5 has a built-in "Download Booster" Mode that allows you to use the speeds of Wi-Fi and 4G LTE networks combined to give you a boost to download big files faster if you'rein a hurry.


How To Enable S5 Download Booster:


  1. Turn ON Mobile Data Connection (LTE).
  2. Turn ON Wi-Fi connection, and connect to a Network.
  3. Slide down from the top to bring the notification shade.
  4. Slide the Toggles to the left, that's where the "Download Booster" mode resides (by default).
  5. You can also Enable "Download Booster" from the phone's Settings (Blue icon at the top-most row).


Download Booster

Also, keep in mind that by using your 4G LTE connection to download large files, you'll quickly deplete your monthly data allowance. Moreover, you may run into overage fees on some carriers. The "Download Booster" could be a useful feature for those times when you need to get files as quickly as possible, but make sure to use it with caution.



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