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How Will Mobile Gaming Evolve in 2020?

23 October, 2019 Gaming

At the close of 2019, mobile gaming is creeping along to nearly 50% of the total gaming market share. While the slightly larger figure is made up of console and PC gaming, mobile gaming far surpasses both individually.

This makes sense, as smartphones are held by around 66.53% of the entire global population, according to Bank My Cell. Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are in a constant race to bring out the latest technology - all of which helps to benefit mobile gaming - while telecoms giants are rolling out 5G in some areas, which will also allow mobile gaming to continue to grow. Given how well it is doing now, how will the mobile gaming market continue to grow in 2020?   

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Mobile Accessibility

Another major tech trend for 2020 will be platforms available online being more willing to show how mobile-friendly they are, whether this is through a dedicated mobile gaming app or through sites developing their mobile accessibility.

Either way, showing a presence and easy navigation on mobile is key as the Call of Duty Mobile launch in October 2019 shows. The launch broke records to become the most downloaded game and to show just how integral mobile is to the gaming experience. Indeed, franchises with presences in other aspects of gaming are developing their mobile offerings as well. As casino review site Bonus Finder New Zealand shows, the casino industry is keen to highlight whether or not they have a mobile version of their games on alongside their welcome bonus offer, which represents a key feature in the world of online casino and the progression of accessible forms of gaming.

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Greater Gaming Tech

One of the major trends gaming is moving towards is the next stage of interconnectivity, including cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is expected to rise in value from around $97 million in 2019 to $450 million in 2023. Dependable and faster internet connections mean that cloud computing is more feasible for the average gamer. Technology will then allow you to game from any gadget live onto the cloud.

Granted, some are reticent about placing their gaming lives in the hands of the cloud. But this means that the mobile could be a conduit, especially as the amalgamation of 5G technology with cloud computing renders smartphones even smarter and more able for gamers. Mobile gaming has always been dependent on the technology available (remember Nokia's Snake?), so developments that actively attempt to make this better are welcomed by gamers. Developers understand the pull of mobile gaming, so they are working to close the gap between mobile gaming and other sectors of the industry.

Mobile gaming is one of the industries that can categorically be said to be expanding. This comes down to investment in the technology and a consumer need for the end products. Undoubtedly, 2020 will see more gaming systems showing their mobile accessibility as they understand the adapting ways in which we are gaming.

It will also see a rise in technology from cloud computing to the rollout of 5G, which will eliminate from mobile gaming the lag and latency that is often experienced by players. Taking all of this into account, the future looks very bright for mobile gaming.



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