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How Your Mobile Compares to A Home PC

22 March, 2021 Technology

How Your Mobile Compares to A Home PC


It seems like a lifetime ago that people were using classic mobile phones like the Nokia 3310, and the technology has come on leaps and bounds in this time. Smartphones have completely changed the way in which people live their lives, and it is hard to remember how we got by without these before. Today's smartphones are incredible pieces of technology that can even rival a home PC in some areas in terms of capability. Read on to discover how today's smartphones compare to a desktop PC and why you might need both devices in your life to have all bases covered.



It is hard to beat a desktop computer in terms of power as they have constant access to electricity while a smartphone will run on a battery. Mobile phones are getting more powerful every month, and the power from the latest smartphones can rival that of a desktop computer from around five years ago.



Storage is another area where desktop computers will always come out on top and are continuing to increase in size. Even a basic computer will come with 250GB storage space, while most smartphones will have built-in storage somewhere between 16 and 128GB, while an expansion slight might provide some extra space. The applications that a desktop computer needs will take up much more space, so this must be factored in too.



Connectivity is hugely important in today's day and age. Desktop computers typically come with ethernet capability and usually require a peripheral device to connect to wireless networks. Smartphones can simply connect to Wi-Fi networks for access or a mobile data network (although this is much more expensive than a standard broadband connection).



The amount that you pay for both can vary greatly, but both can push northwards of $1,000 for the best and latest devices. If you are looking for a home desktop computer, you can find ones for much more affordable prices by shopping around, but you will often be sacrificing power. People can make savings for smartphones by opting for older models, lesser-known brands, or purchasing a refurbished model.



One area where smartphones come out on top is when it comes to portability. You can get laptops that are easily portable and even all-in-one PCs, but they will never be as portable as a smartphone, or even a tablet, so these devices have become so valuable in recent times. Additionally, they can enable people to carry out all kinds of tasks while on the move, so they are extremely useful for people that like to be productive while on the move.

While desktop computers have the edge in many respects, it is amazing to see how far smartphone technology has improved, and they are quickly catching up. Most people find it useful to have both a computer and a smartphone to enjoy the best of both worlds, which will give you a great deal of power at your fingertips.


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