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How a tech savvy Australian firm has made background checks accessible via mobile phones

28 September, 2020 Technology

How a tech savvy Australian firm


We live in a digital world and people are looking for online solutions for all their problems. Ordering food, booking a flight, getting a cab - we all prefer to use an app for such simple tasks. It's not that people are getting lazy, it saves time. It's as simple as that!


Smart companies were quick to respond to this trend because this is the way of the future. You'd never have thought of doing a background check on a future employee online, but a firm named Australian National Character Check did. Because, why not? Both individuals and companies can now get a national police check even via a mobile phone.


Background checks made easy

Human Resources managers are themselves human and they're always under a lot of pressure to get things done quickly. When there's a vacancy in an organisation the business suffers and the rest of the employees are placed under additional stress. HR needs to hire someone fast, without skipping background checks, because they cannot afford to bring in potentially dangerous people.


This is exactly what the team at Australian National Character Check had in mind when they developed the online software. Keep it simple, streamline the process as much as possible to make it more attractive to recruiting agents who need to order background checks on new employees. In a large company that might mean going through this process several times per month.


User-friendly interface

If your potential client cannot figure out how to use the interface, your online business is doomed. The tech-savvy team behind Australian National Character Check made sure this does not happen to them. The concept is simple 100% Online No Scanning and No Printing. Whether you do this on your computer or your mobile phone it's just as easy. You only need to input the basic identity information and upload a photo you can take basically anywhere. You could be out in the park with your dog or waiting for your cappuccino at the coffee shop. Grab your phone and take a quick selfie.


If you're asking for a police check as an individual, you can go through the whole process before your coffee gets a chance to get cold.


Or, if the HR department is taking care of this for you, it's just as easy. Send them all the information required and the selfie and you're done. And you can go about your business without wasting any time.


One other thing - you don't have to worry about identity theft. Your data is protected with high-level security levels. To be accredited with the ACIC you need to pass rigorous tests.


Quick results

Remember how these things used to be done no longer than 10 years ago. You had to go down to the police station, wait in line and fill in a lot of useless forms. Then you had to wait for a week or so, go back to the police station and spend another hour till the employee located your paper.


All it takes to get an 100% valid police check is the few minutes needed to fill in your data online. You don't have to worry about the results. You get a complete national police check in 2-3 business days and you will receive your documents via email. How's that convenient?



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