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How often do slot machines pay the jackpot?

12 October, 2021 Gaming

Slot machines


Slot machines provide tons of opportunities to make some cash. There are free spins, multipliers and all sorts of other features that can result in your original stake gradually being increased.


However, the best way to make money from has to be the main jackpot - sometimes this can be absolutely massive! However, this begs the question - how often do slot machines pay the jackpot and how long should you wait? This is a great question, and we've got answers - read on to find out more! We will be looking at:


- How does the jackpot payout rate differs between slots
- Volatility
- RTP%


Understanding RTP

Whilst slot machine games are completely based on chance, we can still pick slot games that statistically payout the jackpot more frequently. The best way to figure this out is to consider the RTP%. You might see a slot that claims to have a 97% RTP, so what does this mean exactly? Well, it means that on average, a slot will return around 97% of a player's cash, but the keyword here is average. Generally, this average is determined based on 10,000 spins, meaning that within those spins a player will experience a variety of both highs and lows. So, essentially the average slot machine will output its jackpot once every 10,000 spins or so, but this still very much depends on the specific slot machine. It also completely depends on chance and slots are not subject to these strict rules. Depending on the luck of the RNG, you could hit the jackpot:


- Once every 5,000 spins
- Once ever 20,000 spins
- Or even twice in a row!


Understanding Volatility

Volatility is a term that essentially describes how predictable a slot machine is. Some slots are highly volatile because they provide a massive amount of symbols, reels and paylines. However, other slots are simple and only have three reels and one payline - this would mean the slot is not very volatile. These classic slots are a great example of games that will pay the maximum jackpot roughly once ever 10,000 spins, but this is not to say that you can't win the jackpot sooner! On the other hand, high-volatility slots such as progressive slots will not necessarily follow this statistic. It is more likely that these slots will pay out some form of jackpot within the same amount of time, but this doesn't mean it is the maximum jackpot. This is since the high volatility directly correlates with the variety of chances you have of winning. Therefore, the jackpot that is triggered within those 10,000 spins could be the minimum jackpot as opposed to the max.



Overall, there is no strict rule as to how often a slot machine pays the jackpot. On average it is roughly every 10,000 spins, but you could be much luckier (or less lucky) than this. There's no point in trying to guess - simply make use of the RTP% and understand volatility as much as possible. This way you can make educated predictions based on when a slot will payout!


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