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How to Easily Find out Who Called You

16 November, 2020 Web Tech

How to Easily Find out Who Called You


There are so many situations in which you might want to find out who called you. Maybe you were waiting for an important phone call that you have missed, received a phone call from an unknown caller and would rather not pick it up, or perhaps you were subject to a prank call. No matter what your reason is, it is probably best to know who the caller is before picking up the phone call or calling them back. Here are some easy ways in which you can find out who called you.


Smartphone Applications

Many free smartphone applications today are designed for the very purpose of finding out who called you. All that you need to do is create a free account and get started. You can paste or type in the number that called you and their identity will automatically be revealed. Some of these apps can tell you whether this phone number has been previously reported as spam. If there are any social media accounts linked to their phone number, it would be possible to view them. Some of these apps are capable of identifying spam calls on their own, and therefore automatically block the caller. They do notify you when this happens though. You can create a blacklist, as well, which will signal to the caller that your number has been disconnected.


Reverse Phone Lookup

There are many websites that offer reverse phone lookups. You can insert the phone number that called you and relevant information, such as the city, country, and cell phone provider will show up. This is all information is provided for free, however, if you are looking for a more detailed report, some websites may require a small fee. The reviews over at suggest that a good reverse lookup site will store millions of phone number records and their services should be free of charge. It is an easy and practical way of finding out who called you.


Social Media

Some social media, such as Facebook, can allow you to search for phone numbers in the search bar. If the person who called you has their Facebook account linked to their phone number, chances are their profile can pop up. When you type in the number in the search bar, you can also see if that phone number has been previously mentioned in any posts.


Google Searches

Google searches are an easy, though not very practical, method of finding out who called you. If you search for the phone number on google, you can be redirected to websites in which this phone number was mentioned. It could've been mentioned in a review here or there or on any recruitment websites. Though it is not the most reliable search method, it still won't hurt to try.


Google Searches


Spam Call Websites

Some websites will tell you if the number that called you has been reported as spam or unsafe. It is a very useful service because even if you identified the caller, you may still have no idea who they are. So, you might still be wondering whether you should call them back. In this case, you can check whether it is safe to give them a call or just block the number.


Anonymous Callers

Finding out who called you can be an even trickier process when the caller is anonymous, or has hidden their phone number. Fortunately, there is a trick that can reveal the number of the caller. You can dial *69 to reveal the number of the caller, as well as the exact time in which they called. Dialing this number will also give you the option to call that person back. Alternatively, you can use the code *67 to hide your own caller ID before calling them back. Afterwards, you can insert the number in one of the smartphone apps that can reveal the caller identity, or perform a reverse phone lookup. You can dial *57 as well, since it can give you more information regarding the call. However, make sure to dial this number if you believe that the caller is spamming, scamming, or harassing you, since the information will be shared with the police, and the authorities will be alerted.


Cell Phone Providers

Your cell phone provider can offer you a call tracing code to help you deal with a spam caller. You can also ask them to give you a caller ID for when the caller is anonymous. Your phone provider can also offer a service to help you block spammers, instead of having to deal with them on your own.


Cell Phone Settings

If you own an iPhone, and you have reached the point where you are extremely fed up with all of these spam calls, you can take a more extreme action. You can enable the "silence unknown callers" options. This feature simply stops your phone from ringing when someone who is not in your contact list attempts to call you. The caller will be taken to voicemail, and the call attempt will be recorded in your phone log. To do so, you need to click on settings, then phone, and scroll down till you reach the heading that reads "call silencing and blocked contacts." After clicking on it, switch on the "silence unknown callers" option. On an Android, you can open the phone app, and click on the icon with the three vertical dots at the bottom of your screen. Then, click on settings and switch on the "block anonymous calls" option.


Getting a call from a random number can be very unsettling. You might start wondering whether it is someone that you know or if it is an important call. On the other hand, you might be worried that it would be unsafe to pick the phone up, since dealing with spam callers and harassers can be quite a headache. This is why you should try one of the previously mentioned methods in order to know more about the unknown caller, or take certain measures to stop them from calling.


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