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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S2

25 March, 2013 Samsung

Step 1: Download Odin3 v3.04 from HERE

Step 2: Download Insecure/Original Kernels from HERE or Latest ICS Insecure/Original Kernels from HERE

Step 3: Goto Settings > Developer options and Enable USB Debugging on your device.

Step 4: Reboot your device into Download Mode. (With Device OFF, Hold Vol Down + Home + Power) If done correctly your device should have a big Yellow Triangle in the middle of the screen with the words 'Downloading... Do not turn off target' underneath. (Or Select 'Download Mode' then press 'Execute' in Samsung Quick Root).

Step 5 :Connect your device to your PC and start Odin. If you installed Samsung Kies correctly, you should see the box in the top left corner of Odin underneath where it says ID:COM should be Yellow and displaying the name of a Com Port your device is connected to.

Step 6: Check Odin's settings, Only the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time checkboxes should be selected.

Step 7: Now press the PDA button and select the Insecure Kernel you downloaded earlier. (Note: This should be in *.tar, *.md5 or *.smd format.)

Step 8: Now press the Start button and wait for your device to reboot.

Step 9: If you have done everything correctly, you will notice a Yellow Triangle with an exclamation mark on the boot screen when the device is starting up. This indicates you are running an Insecure Kernel with Temp Root priviledges.

Step 10: When the device has finished booting, start Samsung Quick Root then press the Root Device button. Wait for the device to reboot depending on which Reboot option you selected then you are done Rooting.

Step 11: This is an OPTIONAL step but you can perform Steps 4 to 8 in this guide to flash the Original Kernel back to your device to remove the Yellow Triangle on the boot screen whilst still retaining Root Permissions. - (1.37 MB, 32611 views)


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