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Implement a RAN Telecommunications Management Solution and Reap the Rewards

21 October, 2021 Technology

“Implement a RAN Telecommunications Management Solution and Reap the Rewards”


Telecommunications networks have, in a very short time, become far more complex than they used to be. This trend is likely to continue as 5G is rolled out across the globe, becomes the new normal, and presents novel, as yet unthought-of use cases. That’s not to mention whatever comes after 5G, which is the subject of speculation among many in the telco industry. Clearly, there’s a growing need for robust radio access network (RAN) management software.

Why do operators need RAN telecommunications management solutions?

Consider an average network in the year 2021. The environment probably involves many different technologies, hardware and software provided by multiple vendors, and all of this needs to be managed and planned efficiently. In fact, we’ve come a long, long way from the time that a telephone call involved a human operator physically connecting a plug or throwing a switch – so much so that it’s simply impossible for humans to deal with RAN telecom network management. Only a sophisticated RAN telco solution can do the job.

What benefits can RAN telecommunications management software bring for operators?

Due to the abovementioned complexity of today’s mobile networks, it’s essential that operators have access to a live, real-time view of the entire environment, whether that means a general overview or deep insight. It doesn’t matter if a given operator is delivering GSM, LTE and 5G services across a hybrid legacy-virtualized network using multi-radio, C-RAN and open RAN architectures, but that’s nothing a RAN telco solution can’t handle.


Network function configuration becomes more efficient, working optimally and in near real time when your RAN telecom solution delivers network auto-discovery and reconciliation functionalities. And, with efficient planning capabilities, operators will also be able to monitor new rollouts (such as 5G) and deliver properly planned and managed network extensions.


With such capabilities, RAN telecommunications management software can facilitate improved decision-making when planning and adapting networks. For example, it becomes easy to see where new 5G nodes are required, and which of the existing ones need to be taken out of commission.


The right RAN telco solution will additionally speed up the roll-out of new software significantly, and keep track of all changes and deployments.


Finally, such a solution will be capable of end to end modelling for all mobile services. This is important in terms of customer satisfaction, because if some aspect of the network is not working optimally, it can be identified (and perhaps even pre-empted) so that the operator can see the impact on customers.

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