Is Your Phone Sending Your Photos to Random People?

3 July, 2018 Samsung Updates

Samsung's flagship smartphones are considered to be the most secure Android options, after Google's own Pixel series, but that idea is under some scrutiny now. Apparently, the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S9/S9+ have developed a bug that sends the user's photos to random contacts via SMS! As if that was not bad enough, consider the fact that the bug leaves no trace of this unauthorized activity for the user to realize what has happened either.

This bug is not a rumor as Samsung is already investigating the issue and they have even set up a helpline: 1-800-SAMSUNG for customers. Most are of the opinion that this bug is a result of the Rich Communication Services (RCS) update sent out by carriers across the US. Although T-Mobile has denied responsibility for this, RCS is the likely cause, especially since both the update and the bug are exclusive to the USA.

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