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John Hanke, Niantic and Pokémon Go

22 July, 2016 Gaming

Unless you have been living in complete isolation with no connection to the modern world, you probably have an idea about the mobile game Pokémon Go. Most of us know that Nintendo is the company to bring the super popular mobile game to the masses, but if we were to ask you which company actually developed it, most of you would probably not have a clear answer. Well, Niantic is the name of the small company that developed Pokémon Go and John Hanke, the CEO of the company is the main man behind the mapping technology that the game is based on. In fact, John was one of the main developers involved in designing the basics of Google Earth while he was still working with his previous corporation.

Niantic has three prime investors, Nintendo, Pokémon Co and of course Google, under which the company actually began as a startup in 2010. John Hanke himself is a gamer and he plans to expand the game with new features like trading very soon. In the meanwhile, since the popularity of the game has reached an all time high and is only continuing to grow with each passing day, Niantic is possibly going to use this massive success to get its mapping components licensed by other major developers in the hope of developing new apps and games in the near future.

Saikat Kar (tech enthusiast)


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