Look How the iPhone Apps will look like on a 4-inch Display

21 May, 2012 Apple

iphone 4-inch

The latest News confirm that Apple's Next Generation iPhone aka iPhone 5 will pack a 4-inch display, Some people wondered how the iOS Apps & browser will look like on a 4-inch Display here is some Mock-up photos to show you.

iPhone 4-inch

In the mock-ups, one can easily see a few examples of how the device will benefit from having a bigger screen: it will display more of the map, more text from the same webpage, and give a significant impression of a larger space from a relatively small increase in actual screen real estate. It'll be interesting to see the perception of the larger screen size if Apple decides to changes it. However, it should be mentioned that increasing the screen size or changing the screen to device ratio could significantly alter the well known identifying look of the iPhone as we have known it, which may not have a desirable effect among iPhone fans.


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