Manufacturing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will begin in July

17 June, 2016 Samsung

A new report straight out of South Korea has indicated that Samsung will start pushing the mass production process for the Galaxy Note 7 in the next month. The target number for Samsung in July as well as August is 2.5 million, as per the report. So in theory, Samsung should have at least 5 million Galaxy Note 7 units ready to reach their consumers after it is released in late August or early September. Do not get confused though, the Note 7 will be unveiled on the 2nd of August as expected, but it usually takes a while before they are ready to ship the products for sale.

Early release has been part of Samsung's strategy this year and it has paid off well for the South Korean OEM. They did the same with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which saw amazing success and are still among the most sold flagship phones right now. In fact, Samsung had started with this strategy last year, when it launched the Note 5 in August, prior to the expected date in September, as that was when the Note 4 was released in 2014. The iPhone 7 is all set to be released in September and this might just be one of the reasons as to why Samsung is going to try and capture the market earlier than others.

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