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Meals on Wheels: The takeaway apps who’ll be competing for our attention in 2021

24 November, 2020 Business

The takeaway apps who’ll be competing for our attention in 2021


It's one of the most anticipated share sales of 2020. DoorDash, the food app whose business has almost quadrupled during the Covid-19 pandemic, announced its plan to go public in November, after it was valued at $16bn by Crunchbase in the summer.


The move signals a rising trend in food delivery apps, and it's not just DoorDash who are vying for our service. Here are the main movers and shakers in on the delivery scene as we move towards 2021.



GrubHub is one of the old timers, having been around since 2004. It's expanded its service significantly over the last decade and a half, operating in over a thousand cities worldwide and connecting customers to more than 50,000 restaurants.


Ordering is super easy; you just enter your location and meal type to get a list of relevant options. There's now also contact-free delivery, so the driver can leave the meal at an agreed place for the client to pick up.


The app's free, but you do have to pay a delivery fee and make a minimum order. However, you can get unlimited deliveries for free by paying $10 a month, which might prove useful for the big takeaway fans out there!



Postmates has been around for a while, being one of the original models for on-demand food. Initially, it offered the unusual option of stopping off at a local grocery store on its delivery route, just in case you'd like a special side order with your meal.


Just in time for 2021, however, the service has embraced tiered services. Its ‘Unlimited' option, for example, works like many online agents these days that provide tailored services, from lottery agents who suggest the best draws for you, to sites like Skyscanner who search for the best flight deals. Postmates Unlimited, in exchange for $9.99 per month, finds the best offers and discounts for its members, as well as removing all delivery fees: something that could be useful for regular users.



Chowbus is one of the best value-for-money services out there, with free delivery on most orders and a great bundle option that lets you order food from multiple restaurants at the same time - great for those who can't agree on a place.


Its focus is on Asian food and it links small local eateries with a huge customer base, opening up a variety of authentic flavours and styles to many more people than previously. Its specialization has allowed Chowbus to stand out from its competitors, who tend to encompass many food types, and the company recently secured $33 million in funding from investors. Such news means the Chowbus still has many miles left in the tank just yet!



Fresh food is rightly promoted as a key part of a healthy diet by doctors and scientists, so an app that brings only nutritious healthy ingredients to our doorsteps must be good news.


Freshly aims to do that by offering a delivery service that provides several freshly prepared meals per week, meaning customers too busy to spend time doing it themselves can still eat healthily. Some people might be put off by the price, which starts at $11.50 per meal for four meals a week, but you can also earn discounts on bigger orders that work out as good value for large families.


Customers also have the option of opting out for certain meals, so it's not like you're tied into huge commitment: for those willing to spend a few bucks towards having a balanced diet, this is a solid shout.



GoPuff prides itself on its cheap, 24/7 service that does exactly what it says it will do - bring delicious food directly to you in minutes.


The company's Instagram page is extremely popular, showcasing the huge range of dishes it delivers, including snacks, ice cream and even baby food.


Its latest round of investment led to a $3.9 billion valuation, which puts it firmly among the big players, and its diverse product selection and quick delivery is likely to see it take huge strides in 2021.


Uber Eats

Uber's delivery arm has endured a tough ride in recent months, much like its parent company, after allegations of high commission charges on deliveries.


While it's true that delivery charges vary according to distance, the app still provides one of the best selections of restaurants out there. Customers can also use Uber's real-time tracking service to keep tabs on their order, and contactless delivery is also an option.


Despite the controversy, Uber Eats remains the market leader, and its effective business plan means that it will probably stay that way over the next few years.


The Covid pandemic has had a big impact on the restaurant industry, so many people are turning to food apps to find and support the best local options. The above options should make that process a little easier and are some of the best choices for the quick delivery of delicious food in 2021.


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