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Microsoft Changing "Metro UI" name to "Modern UI" due to legal issues

10 August, 2012 Windows 8

Modern UI

The term "Metro", describing Microsoft's new user interface design gained popularity starting with the Windows Phone 7. It really grew into prominence when it became the UI style for Windows 8 and now, not long before its scheduled late October launch date, Microsoft renamed it. The renaming came due to a Copyright claim of the Name "Metro" that lead to a legal issue with a German software company.



A leaked memo was the first sign that the name "Metro" is on the way out, supposedly due to copyright concerns. Reports confirm that Microsoft will rename its UI to "Modern UI" instead of "Metro UI" referring to the Windows 8 MoSH (or Modern Shell).

However, Microsoft didn't officially announce that "Modern UI" is the final name as the company didn't settle down on a name yet.




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