Microsoft showcases Office 15 for Windows ARM [Screenshots + Video]

11 February, 2012 Windows 8

Office 15 on windows 8


Microsoft revealed some details of its Windows 8 ARM Edition (Tablets/Devices) today, Microsoft also unveiled the look and feel of its next-generation Office experience. The software giant casually demonstrated beta copies of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote during a preview video of its Windows 8 ARM work. Office 15 includes a New look and feel, based on the company Metro design language.

Office 15 on windows 8

In the screenshots Above, you can see how Microsoft has included more space, and uses fewer lines in an effort to focus on content. The ribbon menu appears to be removed or hidden in the demonstration, but this is not the final version of Windows 8 and still many developments stages coming.

Office 15 on Win8

Watch The Video Below!

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