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Mobile Casino Game Trends in 2021

9 January, 2021 Gaming

Mobile Casino Game Trends in 2021


Mobile gaming has greatly evolved over the last few years. There was a time not too long ago when players were lucky to even get half of the selection on mobile versions of popular casinos. Now, not only are we getting sophisticated apps that replicate the full online casino experience, but things like VR and AR are being thrown into the mix. The future is bright for the industry, and we can expect 2021 to bring lots of surprises to players. Let's take a look at a few mobile casino trends to watch out for in 2021.


More Sites Will Dedicate Themselves to Mobile Gaming

You now have sites like Mobilebet that cater specifically to mobile gamers. The site makes it easy for players to log on and play from wherever they are. And these are not merely stripped-down versions of regular games. The experience was made with mobile in mind and all the games are optimised for mobile devices.


More Sites Will Dedicate Themselves to Mobile Gaming


Players get to enjoy features like live dealers that are usually only available to PC players. We can expect more to follow after the trend since Brits now do most of their online browsing through mobile devices.



Another thing we should see more of is gamification. This is when casino games bring aspects of traditional gaming into the gaming experience. For instance, a certain sequence on a slot machine could open an adventure game that will allow you to win some extra bonuses. This allows elements of skill to be brought into games where luck is usually the main determinant. This makes the games more immersing and adds a whole new dimension to them.


VR and AR Gaming

This year could also be the year we see more VR and AR games and casinos dedicated or specialising in them. AR games allow you to transform any area into a live casino. VR casinos allow players to be transported directly into the casino of their choice from wherever they are. They also have a great social aspect to them which is something a lot of traditional gamblers originally had against online casinos. VR headsets are now not only more sophisticated but affordable than ever, which will push demand for these types of games even further.



If you didn't know already, Bitcoin is back in the news and is breaking records. Online casinos, mobile ones in particular, still didn't offer too many options to players, but all of this could change in 2021.


Cryptocurrencies make things so much more convenient to the average player but specifically those who are in jurisdictions where gambling is illegal. Also, they often allow players to withdraw and deposit funds much more easily. They also have the benefit of being much more discreet than other casinos and allow players to safeguard their personal information. Cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ether are already accepted by a few online casinos, but we can expect the number to grow as more cryptocurrencies start gaining in popularity.


More Betting Options

With the recent turmoil caused by the pandemic, many online casinos have decided to turn to fantasy sports and expand their sportsbook to offer more options, and that applies to mobile casinos as well. Mobile sportsbooks have always been winners with mobile players because of their convenience. Players can bet live on several sports from wherever they are in minutes.


eSports in particular is now becoming more popular than ever with gamblers for many reasons, but the main one is that the format itself can easily adapt to different settings. While a lot of money is made at the gates, the majority comes from sponsors, so eSport events are much less likely to be cancelled. This has pushed more casino operators and players to pay attention to them, and we can expect the sector to continue surfing on this wave of popularity well after the pandemic is over.


These are just some of the biggest trends we can expect to see in the world of mobile casinos in 2021. We can expect casinos to continue catering to mobile players and give them the best experience possible while using new technologies and angles to keep them interested.


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