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Mobile Casinos in Denmark

12 November, 2019 Gaming

You'll be completely wrong if you assume that the best mobile casino platform cannot offer as good experience as a computer does. You'll get a different experience, but still wonderful. Today, we still do almost everything with our smartphones. From Shopping, using social networks, such as Facebook, to games. And why not to try casino games on the best casino mobile app? Playing via mobile apps you'll enjoy a cool mobile experience. You can play games both via app and without downloading any special platforms. You can find useful information and mobile casinos in Denmark at


When it comes to mobile, most casino players will probably wonder why they should skip to such a small formatl. The players enjoy of course playing at home in front of the computer with a boi screen? But don't you want to enjoy the full playing experience whenever and wherever you are! Mobile casinos allow you to be mobile and flexible and give extra opportunities.


Criteria for choosing the best mobile casino


In fact, many of the same criteria apply to your best mobile casino as to the "regular" online casinos. In the end, both are about software made with a good gaming concept, a great design, ease of use, etc. The format is just different and the conditions are programmed accordingly. Here we look at the most important factors for the Danish mobile casinos and therefore we come into the games section, ease of use and bonuses. In addition, we deal with the pros and cons of browser-based and dedicated app-based casinos, just as we briefly get into NemID and the format of the mobile.


Ease of use


Actually, we generally do not notice anything missing when it comes to the best Danish mobile casinos. Instead of being able to access everything on one screen, the information has just been split a little more. In fact, in some aspects it can almost be considered as a strength. A few swipes and everything is clearly found.



However, if we are to be a little fussy, we may note that some casinos do not have the same payment options at mobile casino in comparison to online casino. This is understandable due to the format, but it can bother a bit. For example, playing at the computer, you can, for example, easily use services such as PayPal or Skrill, or similar, but cannot use these systems via mobile. But some Danish casinos have solved this problem and introduced such mobile payment methods as ApplePay and Mobilt Dankort.


Play With Or Without The Best Casino Apps


You can safely play through your mobile browser. Among the best operators, it is very rare to encounter an operator who does not grant access through the browser. You just want to come in here just like a normal website, with the difference that the casino gives you a mobile version. The second option is via a dedicated mobile app. Such an app is not offered by many due to its cost and technical requirements. But with the few who have it, with iOS you need to download the app as usual in the Apple Store. If you have an Android phone, however, you typically have to go through the provider's website and either download via a link or via a text message sent to you. That's because Google Play doesn't allow applications that offer gambling. Actually quite incomprehensible when we consider how well the area is regulated in Denmark. As well as how good the best casino apps are.


In terms of advantages and disadvantages, we must say that it is undoubtedly an advantage for an operator to have a dedicated app just like 888 Casino has it. In fact, it does not matter what we do when it comes to whether we are playing from the browser or via an app. Maybe it goes a little faster in the app, maybe the games are set up a little better.  At least the difference is not as great as one would expect. Considering that the app is set up for a very specific mobile system, while the browser page is coded to be able to handle several different systems. so both options can have their own advantages.


NemID And The Mobile



If you have read a little about Danish mobile casinos, you have undoubtedly come across information that you do not need to use NemID when registering at a casino via mobile. When the NemID requirement was introduced with the liberalization of the gaming market in 2012, NemID could not really be used on most mobiles for purely technical reasons. Therefore, the Gaming Authority allowed a transitional period, until the provider of NemID resolved all the problems. What is relatively normal, however, is that you can play from your mobile without NemID once you have created a user. Sometimes also on the pages that otherwise require NemID at each login. And of course it's worth taking along.


What Games You Can Play On Your Mobile


In general, compared to mobile games, you will probably notice that the actual number of games available is significantly lower than the desktop versions. This is because there are a number of technical requirements that must be met for the mobile games, which are different from the normal casinos platform. Therefore, it takes both time and resources for the providers to slowly expand their offerings with new things.


This is typically the case internationally, and it is still the case in Denmark. Although the Danish operators are now well off. What you will also notice is that the few casinos offer the opportunity to play live from mobile. It is also due to some technical requirements, probably in combination with the complexity of making it all fit on so small a screen compared to normal. We certainly expect this to be an area that is going to get wild a lot in the coming years as more and more insist on playing from mobile.


The Best Mobile Casinos in Denmark


Leovegas Casino crowns itself with the nickname "The King of Mobile Casino". And it is reasonable.


Since the casino opened its doors to the Danish public in 2012, Leo Vegas Casino has been working hard to give Danish players the best online casino experience - on computer, mobile and tablet.


Whether you use iPhone, iPad, Android or a Windows phone, you have free access to slot machines, live casino and all the classic casino games.


Tivoli Casino is one of the most popular online casinos in Denmark - and therefore they have made the effort to create a mobile casino that meets both requirements and players' expectations. If you do not have an account with Tivoli Casino yet, you can easily create one via your mobile or tablet!


Tivoli mobile casino runs fast and flawlessly and both design and sound are as good as when playing via computer. The same features and bonuses are available and the same with the selection of casino games and slot machines. You can even play live casino!


You can thus play freely online at Tivoli mobile casino, from tablets and smartphones using iPhone, iPad, Android platforms. The screen size automatically adjusts to the device you are using to play, so you always get the best online gaming experience wherever you are!


The Mega Casino mobile offers are characterized by the following keywords: Ease of use, intuitive management, delicious setup, super design and... When we talk about the control from your smartphone, there is no criticism of this mobile casino. Of course, it differs a lot from what you're used to. That's just how you go from having a giant pc screen to a smaller finger control screen. But all the games are easy and clear both to find and to play. There are nice listings inside the web app. The gaming lobby works. You can easily find your deposits and payments as well. 



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