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Mobile Gaming’s Changing Audience

18 March, 2021 Gaming


Mobile has quickly risen to become perhaps the most used platform for many different forms of media - but the platform as a whole has seen huge change in the past two decades too as modern smartphones are extremely different from the earliest devices and have taken on many different forms in that same period of time. The latest push experienced for many on mobile has certainly been within gaming however, as a changing passion and changing demographic have led to a very different market.


A much wider audience than ever before - Perhaps the biggest change seen is certainly within the general audience for gaming, no longer are young teen males the primary audience as there has been a huge shift as mobile gaming is now suggested to be primarily comprised of women over the age of 34 as the primary consumer, and those most likely to spend longer hours playing. This change has introduced a much wider demographic to gaming and has enabled to many different genres to thrive in different ways amongst this changed audience and will continue to be a primary reason for why mobile gaming grows.


A much wider audience than ever before


A wider genre availability too - As with the changed demographic and audience, a different and wider selection of genres have since made the move across to mobile too. Whilst the classics in puzzle, adventure, and hyper casual games remain amongst the top, a big change toward other markets like esports and gambling has been occurring very quickly with a crossover between the two - opportunities with the likes of PointsBet Colorado promo code have attracted many away from land-based options to the growing accessibility and opportunity found in online services continues to increase too.


Broadcasting opportunities have certainly helped too - Another of the big change for the shifting audience have become found with different broadcasting opportunity as social media continues to take over - big streaming services or content creation, and the growing opportunities to share what you're doing have become an important part of gaming itself and have shown that these opportunities have been attractive to the much wider demographic as a whole. As self-broadcasting and streaming continue to grow in popularity too, this will certainly be a step forward for many.


Mobile as a platform is only looking to continue finding improvements, with new hardware and the continued development of different software, there are seemingly countless possibilities to be found - mobile will only continue to get bigger, and big changes are always around the corner, so what's next for mobile will always be exciting for the growing audiences.


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