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New Any.Do Features Just Got Better

21 February, 2013 Applications

Any.Do just got updated and this app just gets better and better. With its recent revision, the app has a whole new look and is now very visually pleasing. It also has new features like DashClock support. This allows the user to incorporate the Any.Do Moment app to the DashClock widget, which is one of the best-looking clock widget, by the way, to help you not forget any entry you have on Any.Do.

And with the new version, Any.Do comes with the Moment feature, which allows users to organize tasks on a day to day level. Aside from being able to put tasks and organize and schedule them, Moment can remind you if you ever forget to put in a task or an important date. They also resolved some bugs to improve user experience. The only thing that Any.Do can't do now is download itself and self-install on your Android phone, so you can go ahead and download it on the Google Playstore for free.

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