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17 March, 2020 Technology



With the onset of the technological era, new business trends have started surfacing. The trends gave birth to new business ideas. These ideas that were never possible in the first place, are now all possible. It is all thanks to the technologies that have supported in making those ideas a reality.


Some of these business ideas have become an inspiration to the new entrepreneurs. Some of these business ideas can be the solution to the current problems we are facing like making the earth a plastic-free place. And some of these business ideas can provide futuristic solutions such as building electrical powered automobiles.


These ideas were only a dream and never a reality, but after the technological advancement, these dreams have come true.


Here are some of the business trends that can inspire you to come up with your own ideas.


  1. Implementation of the AI software

As the technologies are improving, so does the marketing methods. Marketers are using AI-supported platform as the new trend to deal with the management. Technologies like google Alexa and amazon echo are the new sensation. It is used by the top companies to keep their appointments in check.


Repeated functions and tasks are all dealt with by the AI-supported robots making the work easier for mankind.

  1. Virtual presence

It has become very important to have a virtual presence on online media. This not only boosts you brand reputation but it also helps you to interact with the audience. Having the presence on the internet let your audience get in touch with you 24x7. This create a positive impression of the brand.


Many smart companies are using the social platform for creating awareness and doing social media marketing. A study has found out that the conversion rate for social media marketing is too high to be considered to be true.

  1. Millennial welcoming generation X

The millennial people are now ready to welcome the generation X. a study has been made that more than 70 million generation X will reach adulthood this year. These generation X are people who are born after 1998. And in the near future, they will hold the most power in influencing the world towards a better future. So, if you are a marketer then this will be your targeted audience.

  1. Social learning

What do you think you do when someone ask you to make something. You google it, do you not? Even for a small thing, we have made a habit of looking it into google. If we want to learn new skills we look into the youtube. That's how we have been molded.

And the reason is that social learning is much more helpful than traditional learning. A study has been made that more than 50% of people are related to social learning in one way or another.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain protocol has gained popularity in these past few years making many novice investor millionaires overnight. If you had invested $1000 in bitcoin in 2008, you would have more than $40,000,000 today. That's how big this market has become. It is never too late to invest in the cryptocurrencies, just visit the site via this link and you will be all set with your first cryptocurrency investments.


Many companies have also started to build up skills for the blockchain technology. This shows that the future of blockchain technology is quite bright.

It's Your Turn


This is how the market is in 2020. And it is still going to be strong in the upcoming future. 2021 may witness a new kind of business trends incorporated by new technology attract investors and businesses. You may never know. Always being prepared is what marketing is.


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