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Official HTC training document: HTC One M8 better than Galaxy S5

11 April, 2014 HTC One M9

M8 S5



An HTC training document, used to show sales reps. how to push the HTC One M8, has leaked revealing HTC's game plan to sell the device. It seems that the Taiwan based manufacturer expects the biggest challenge to come from the Samsung Galaxy S5, and as a result, HTC lists five reasons why the HTC One M8 is better than the Samsung Galaxy S5.

"While Samsung was content to stick with a plastic body for their phone, we pushed ourselves further with even more metal on the M8." - HTC




HTC says that premium phones should be metal, the company adds that while Samsung was content to stick with plastic, HTC pushed itself and added more metal to the unibody of the HTC One. The compition is heating up...




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