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Official Ubuntu 13.04 Demoed on Nexus 7, Coming on April 2013 [Video]

24 October, 2012 Android


This isn't Ubuntu for Android, or a hacked together demo made by an enthusiast, this is Real Official version of Ubuntu running on a Google Nexus 7 tablet and being shown off by an official Canonical engineer.


Canonical founder, Mark Shuttlesworth, has said that beginning with Ubuntu 13.04, which is due in April 2013, the team will be focusing on "mobile metrics" like battery life and memory consumption, which will lead to the OS being able to run on a much wider range of Android & mobile devices.



The Unity UI is already a solid step towards being touchscreen friendly, so now it is just a matter of optimizing the OS for touchscreen devices. The start of that work looks to be right around the corner as Shuttlesworth told developers attending the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) in Copenhagen Denmark next week to bring their Nexus 7s, because Google's tablet is apparently a great "reference" device for the project.


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