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OnePlus 1+ Design sketches and Specs Leaked

14 March, 2014 OnePlus 1+


When we first got word from OnePlus 1+ on the goal it has set for itself, it seems very Ambitious, big talk is easy, but executing on it is another topic altogether. We all are getting more and more anxious to meet their first flagship, the One.


1+ specs


The key features that OnePlus has already outlined are pretty compelling a large, 5.5-display with an impressive body/screen ratio of at least 72% (think Nexus 5), a powerful quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, and a 3100 mAh cell with "mystery tech".




The LTE-capable phone will also come running a specially-crafted CyanogenMod OS. with an always-on, always-listening feature, and an early camera samples comparison OnePlus staged leads us to believe that the company is quite comfortable with its camera tech.


oneplus 1+

Best of all, that whole package will be wrapped into an aluminum unibody HTC One-like style, according to a design sketch obtained by BGR (Photo above) from a "trusted source". Sure, these are not exactly confirmed, not to mention that making any grand conclusions based on what could very well be just prototype drawings, is kind of like putting the horse in front of the cart.



Source (BGR)


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