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OnePlus 1+ device to pack 13MP Sony Exmor IMX214 Camera

18 March, 2014 OnePlus 1+

Oneplus 1+

The most-anticipated CyanogenMod OS-based OnePlus One is shaping up to be a really nice smartphone, considering its expected retail price should be lower than $400.

Today, OnePlus confirmed new features for the upcoming handset. So we now know that its rear camera is a 13MP Sony Exmor IMX214 sensor. The company explained its choice for this Camera:

"The smartphone's aim is not to compete with DSLRs, but to offer a portable product that performs well in real-life conditions (without an ugly protruding camera). With Sony in mind, we chose their latest Exmor IMX214. This 13-megapixel CMOS sensor boasts an incredible f/2.0 aperture, so more light can be captured when shooting in the dark."



1+ specs


The 13MP Sony camera has a f/2.0 aperture (good for low-light environments photos), but it's not clear if this means Optical Image Stabilization, or just enhanced Digital Image Stabilization. As for video, the camera can shoot in 4K, or in 720p at 120fps. The front-facing camera of the OnePlus One will be a 5MP unit.



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