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OnePlus One gets updated to CyanogenMod 11S [Change-log]

28 May, 2014 OnePlus 1+

OnePlus One


OnePlus One went on sale a few weeks ago ahead of schedule and lots of people are already using it. Those early adopters noticed there are quite a few bugs in the CyanogenMod 11S release that premiered with the OnePlus One. The initial release was surely not final or stable, but this changes today.




OnePlus One is now getting a stable release of the CyanogenMod 11S that improves lots of stuff:

- Better earpiece performance
- Fixes lockscreen glitches
- Smoother 4K video recording
- Adds stereo video recording
- Fixes Home key glitch on double-tap
- Better keyboard haptic feedback
- Redesigned Flashlight app
- New welcome screen





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