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Online Slots Explained - Simple and Fun

5 October, 2021 Gaming

Online Slots Explained - Simple and Fun


When it comes to ease of playing and huge prizes, nothing can beat the thrill of a good slot game. However, although they are so prevalent at online casinos like Thailand Online Casino, where they appear by the hundreds, a surprising number of people are still completely clueless about how they work. And more importantly, what makes them pay out.


If you're in the group that still believe wild myths and have a ton of superstitions surround slot games. The following might clear things up a little. After all, knowledge about how these games work may help you make better choices when deciding what to play.


The Mechanics of a Slot Game

These days, there are really no physical mechanisms that determine the outcome of your spin. Unlike the original machines that had three actual drums that had to line up in the winning combination for you to get a prize. The slot games of today It's all software based, so it's a computer program that provides the result of each spin.


Of course, this also means that providers can take as many liberties as they like with the design of the game and the features they include. However, most games still follow the basic gameplay that slots players love. So, you don't need to worry about complex rules and features that you don't understand. Most follow the familiar patterns but have different themes and slightly different bonuses and features. Nothing too "out there" that the average user wouldn't quickly grasp.


Are They Truly Random?

So, the thing to understand that busts basically every slot machine myth or superstition is that these games are in fact completely random. Whether you win or lose is all up to the software mentioned above, which is called a Random Number Generator. Basically the sole function of a RNG is to provide millions of possible outcomes every time you spin the reels, and the very last one that runs through the software at the stop of the spin is the result that comes up on your screen.


This is not controlled in any way by the casino or the slot game developer. When the RNG gives you a winning combination, you get the corresponding payout. That's it.


How Payouts are Determined

Now that you understand how the results are calculated, the next step is learning how the game pays out. Basically, the amount of your payout is calculated based on how many lines you play for that spin and what the corresponding win to that wager is. For example, if you're playing a progressive, you must check to ensure you're making enough of a wager (lines and credits) to have the potential to hit the main jackpot.


The size of the jackpots is determined by how much money goes into the game. Which is why you'll often see the most popular progressive slots boasting millions of dollars in prize money. From this the casino takes a percentage of under 5% and the rest goes back to winning players.


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