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Oppo needs to put displays on the rear of our phones

29 December, 2021 Oppo


The plan of smartphones has really gotten somewhat exhausting throughout the long term. This is on the grounds that there are just so many ways one can plan a rectangular article, correct? Of course, we're beginning to see a shift towards phones with full displays, yet in any case it actually looks pretty much something very similar.


Oppo needs to change that the state of affairs however, in light of the fact that as per a patent found by LetsGoDigital, it appears to be that Oppo could be playing with putting secondary displays on the rear of the phone.


Oppo needs to put displays on the rear of our phones


We're not excessively certain what the point is for the secondary rear-facing display, however it very well may be helpful for the individuals who need to shoot selfie recordings yet need to utilize the phone's back confronting cameras, which are for the most part better quality contrasted with the forward looking shooter. Having a back mounted display would allow clients to see what they're recording to guarantee that they are in the edge.


Other than that, we need to concede that it feels more novel than training, yet, credit to Oppo for attempting to concoct groundbreaking thoughts. That being said, as this is a patent, it's difficult to say assuming this is the sort of thing Oppo is genuinely considering or on the other hand in the event that it's simply a thought they're playing with, however what is your take? Might you want to see raise confronting secondary displays in future smartphones?


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