Peugeot's Entire Car Lineup Just Got Smarter

9 July, 2024 Technology

Peugeot's Entire Car Lineup Just Got Smarter


ChatGPT's growing reach into various industry applications has been nothing short of impressive, and it looks like the popular AI assistant has found itself another new home with Peugeot. More specifically, the auto manufacturer announced that it will be integrating ChatGPT into its various models.


With that in mind, ChatGPT will be integrated into Peugeot's i-Cockpit system and can be activated via voice commands. Similar to how it works on other platforms, it will be able to provide answers to user queries and more.


Peugeot says that the move to integrate the AI assistant came after trialling its functionality during a successful pilot phase, which was conducted earlier this year - it also involved 10,000 customers. As such, ChatGPT will be available on models with voice command support including the New 208, New 2008, New 308, New 308 SW, New 408, New 508, New 508 SW, New RIFTER, New TRAVELLER, New PARTNER, New EXPERT, with New 3008 and New 5008 following suit at the end of the year.


It will also be initially available in several markets including Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, for both new vehicles and for existing customers via an OTA update. It will arrive in late July for Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, and the Czech Republic.


It should also be noted that ChatGPT is available as part of the Connect Plus pack, or for customers who purchased their car before its introduction, as a feature on demand.


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