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Pixel 4 XL proprietors presently have an extra one year of guarantee

20 July, 2021 Google


On the off chance that you own a Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone, there is some uplifting news for you. The handset was delivered in 2019 which implies that in fact your guarantee should as of now be up assuming you repurchased it, when it originally dispatched, yet fortunately Google is broadening it by an extra year.


Pixel 4 XL proprietors presently have an extra one year of guarantee


Before you get too energized, this isn't on the grounds that they're doing this is because of the decency of their souls, yet rather it appears to be that because of different battery related issues with the phone, they are stretching out their guarantee to cover it. As per Google, the issues that your phone should look to fit the bill for the guarantee include:

  • Not ready to turn on the phone
  • The phone restarts or closes down haphazardly without a manual restart or closure
  • Accusing of a connector
  • Remote charging
  • The phone's battery depleting fundamentally quicker than prior in its utilization

This means if your phone has none of these issues and your guarantee has effectively terminated, then, at that point you're not covered by it. However, in the event that you do experience one of the issues referenced above, you ought to be covered. Google says that this one year augmentation will begin one year after your unique guarantee terminates.


Google likewise noticed that your phone should be in a condition where it's adequate to fix. So if your phone has a screen that is broken or different issues that could meddle with the maintenance cycle, you should pay a different charge to sort that out first.


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