Pixel 7 pre-orders will start off October 6

21 September, 2022 Google

Pixel 7 pre-orders will start off October 6


Come sixth of October, Google will be formally reporting their cutting edge Pixel smartphones, the Pixel 7 series. The organization at first prodded the handset at I/O recently, and this declaration is supposed to reveal the handset in full.


In the event that you're hoping to get your hands on the phone, you may be intrigued to discover that pre-orders will start off on the sixth of October, that very day the Pixel phones will be reported. This really comes as somewhat of a "spill" in a new video that Google had posted.



The video being referred to unites haphazardly chosen Pixel fans to give them a sneak look at the forthcoming gadget, and in the video, there is a little subtitle that uncovers the pre-request date. We don't know whether this was finished intentionally or on the other hand on the off chance that Google didn't understand it was there before they delivered the video, however one way or another, we presently have our dates.


Obviously, the following inquiry will be the amount will the new Pixel phones cost? As of now, we have no clue, however we envision that it ought to be around the cost of the Pixel 6 series. The Pixel 7 is supposed to accompany the cutting edge Google Tensor chipset and the occasion will in all likelihood cover every one of the progressions and upgrades Google made to its new chipset.


So assuming that you're anticipating the new Pixel phones, make sure to seek out us on the sixth of October for every one of the authority subtleties.


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