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28 January, 2020 Gaming



The company name, the app name, and major keywords in the description are the way that most people begin their search for a desired mobile application.  Let's look at the example of a company that wants to create an app that connects to a website for online casino Australia no deposit bonus gaming. The linked-to page provides the following description:


Our list of Aussie Casinos provides much more than pokies.  As far as games are concerned, Australian online casinos have many excellent table games, video poker, casual games and more.

Aussie casinos online have daily, weekly, monthly, and continuing promotions that focus on the gaming needs of Aussie players.

The best Aussie casinos run many tournaments.  Most of the tournaments are in pokies, of course.  You can also compete in blackjack, baccarat, and even bingo tournaments at some Aussie online casinos.

Scratch, scratch, scratch ... what is a "pokie"?  As a person coming from the US, the first thoughts that come to my mind is the clown show that is currently going on in the US Senate.  Some of those guys are acting like a bunch of pokies who are behaving as though they are putting on a testosterone show rather than the serious business of conducting government.  Is the website taking bets on if Trump is going to be impeached? Or is the website taking bets on who the next US President going to be? But since it is a website targeting Australian customers, I don't think that is the case.

So I looked up the term pokie in an online urban dictionary.  This what is returned.

Different definitions of the word Pokie

Pokie definition 1

a nipple that seeps through a shirt, t-shirt, dress, cloth. Generally most visible when nipples are hard, excited.

Pokie definition 2

A west Indian word for pussy.

Pokie definition 3

Another word for prison, slammer

Pokie definition 4

Another word for a cigarette.

Pokie definition 5

something used for packing down the contents of a joint.

Pokie definition 6 (definition we are looking for)

in Australia, definitely a Poker Machine, but we rarely use the word 'Poker' to describe someone who uses (or abuses) a Pokie. nor do we say 'go for a poke' which sounds more like a sexual connotation over here ;) most often used in the plural, Pokies.

What is the moral of this story?

The moral of the story is that not only do you have to have an understanding of the words in your title in your main target audience, you have also need to have an understanding of the word in other cultures as well.

What are some other things to consider when picking out a good name?

The first consideration is the number of words.  The more words that your app or business name has, the harder it is going to be for somebody to understand, remember, and tell other people.  Most experts recommend using one or two words. If more than two words are used, the additional words should be a short word.

  • BornToSell

  • ToysRUs

The second consideration is the number of syllables.  This affects how well people remember the business name and how they remember it when they hear it again.  

  • One word name - 4 syllables

  • Two words - 4 syllables total

  • More than two words - 1 syllable per word

The third consideration is the number of characters.  The more characters your business name has, the harder it will be for people to read and remember.  Not to mention, when you start having to write email addresses or sub-levels of website pages, the name can become very long to type.  So how many characters is too much?

  • Invented name - 7 characters

  • Keyword name - 15 characters


Google Play has 2.9 million apps.  An estimate of the number of websites in 2020 is 1,744,517,326 websites.  So trying to come up with a unique name that is not too many syllables, does not have too many characters, and is not going to mean something unexpected in another country, starts becoming more and more difficult as each year goes by.

But I guess that is why marketing companies make the big bucks that they make.


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