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Red and “rose gold” Samsung Galaxy Note 3 unveiled

1 December, 2013 Samsung

Samsung is introducing two new colors to its Galaxy Note 3. They'll be coming in January, but the Korean company's arm in Argentina decided to jump the gun and has already listed them on its official website.

The new colors are red and "rose gold".  It's not "white gold" which was mistaken yesterday on some websites. Not a huge difference, but by looking at the pictures below you can see why Samsung went with the "rose gold" designation.

Adding new colors to a flagship device a few months after its initial release in just two or three hues is nothing new, strategy-wise, for Samsung. The company's been doing this on a big scale ever since the Galaxy S III from last year, and we assume it's been working. The new colors serve as a method for Samsung to "re-hype" its handsets, so to speak - to bring them back into the public's eye.

We should expect to see these new colors available for the Galaxy Note 3 globally in early 2014. 



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