Reports: Samsung Galaxy S7 codename "Jungfrau" to pack 5GB RAM and Snapdragon SoC

29 July, 2015 Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7


As anticipated, Samsung Labs are still working on the "next big thing" flagship. A report from Korean tech blogging site ET News says that Samsung is working on the Galaxy S7, codenamed "Jungfrau". We should start seeing concepts and texting-prototype leaks in the next few months.


What is interesting about the report, however, is that it claims Samsung is testing units with a Qualcomm chipset alongside a 5 GB RAM LPDDR4 chip too. So, if this rumor is correct, it seems that Samsung and Qualcomm may not have fully divorced yet.


Samsung Galaxy S7


And, just like we've seen with the top-shelf Galaxy devices before, the S7 may have an Exynos variant and a Snapdragon variant. We can't say we are fans of this outlook the jungle of Android handset variants is thick enough as it is.


What features are you looking forward to in the Galaxy S7 ?




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