Reuters Confirm: Apple iPhone5 to pack a 4-inch Display, NOT Manufactured by Samsung

16 May, 2012 Apple

iPhone5 concept 4"

Reports from Reuters and Wall Street Journal Confirm that Apple's Next Generation iPhone aka "iPhone 5" or "the New iPhone" will have a 4-inches screen measure from corner to corner.

That would represent a roughly 30 percent increase in viewing area, assuming Apple kept other dimensions proportional. Apple has been using a 3.5-inch screen since introducing the iPhone in 2007 and all these displays was Manufactured by Samsung Ltd.



Also The Reports from Reuters confirm that the Next Generation iPhone displays will NOT be Manufactured by Samsung as we announced before that Samsung will stop Manufacturing any parts for Apples products, The production of the new screens has begun at three suppliers: Korea's LG Display Co Ltd, Sharp Corp and Japan Display Inc, a Japanese government-brokered merger combining the screen production of three companies.




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