Russian operator awards guy who used 500 Gigabytes in one week

7 February, 2012 Technology


As operators around the world look to curb people data usage by rolling out confusing pricing plans or just simply raising their rates, things are going a little bit differently in Russia. MegaFon, the third largest operator in Russia, recently held a contest whereby the person who could use the most amount of data would be awarded with a 150,000 ruble ($5,000) vacation overseas, the winner was someone who managed to pull 419 GB in a single week.

With some calculations, that is a constant download rate of 5.7 megabits per second. Not bad for a network that uses 21 Mbps HSPA+ technology, which is arguably inferior to anything offered in America, but on par with what is available in most of Europe. Some countries have 42 Mbps HSPA+ networks, but that technology is not widely deployed yet.

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