Samsung GALAXY S III sales in the UK Tops the iPhone 5, Still No.1

3 December, 2012 Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III

Even after Apple's launched the iPhone 5, The Samsung Galaxy S III remained the most popular smartphone in the United Kingdom for the seventh consecutive month, the iPhone 5 was launched and available for two full months, but still can't keep up with the iPhone 4S and the S III.


s3 top uk sales

This ranking is based on on live searches, pre-orders and monthly sales compiled by uSwitch. Here is the Top 10 of UK smartphones list according to uSwitch is right below:


1. Samsung Galaxy S III
2. Apple iPhone 4S
3. Apple iPhone 5
4. Samsung Galaxy S II
5. Nexus 4
6. Samsung Galaxy Ace
7. Samsung Galaxy Note II
8. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
9. Sony Xperia U
10. HTC One X





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