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Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is probably a supersized smartphone with High-end specs

24 January, 2016 Samsung

The Galaxy A9 Pro is supposedly an upcoming smartphone from Samsung, which will sport a supersized Quad High Definition display. According to Sam Mobile, it will be an upgraded version of the Galaxy A9; that is already rocking the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 chipset. The A9 Pro will allegedly have the model number SM-A9100, which seems logical as the recently released A9 had the model number SM-A9000. If you consider the fact that the A9 already has a huge display which measures at 6-inches, anything larger could simply be too large to be called a phone for most people.

The A9 is still running on Lollipop, but speculations about the A9 Pro indicate that it could be loaded with Android 6.0 marshmallow, out of the box. If you are wondering as to why none of your local or online retailers are selling even the Galaxy A9 yet, then rest assured that so far, it is only being released and sold in China for about $490 - $500. Reports from Sam Mobile indicate that the A9 Pro will also be released in China first, if it really is in the making of course! We will keep you posted on the latest news regarding the A9 Pro's specs and release dates in different geographical locations, as soon as more news comes in.



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