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Samsung Galaxy Nexus SuperAMOLED comes with PenTile matrix

21 October, 2011 Samsung

penTile matrix


Despite the 720p resolution on the Galaxy Nexus,the device actually is not packing a Super AMOLED Plus, but a regular Super AMOLED screen. Those of you that have been paying more attention would even know what the main difference between the two is that the "Plus" AMOLED uses a conventional 3-subpixel-per-pixel RGB matrix, while the regular one goes by with 2-subpixel-per-pixel RGBG PenTile matrix.

Galaxy Nexus

So the Samsung Galaxy Nexus should come with one of those PenTile matrices, Well, as our macro shots showed yes. The question remains if that really matters here.

As you can see from the close-up photo of the Galaxy Nexus display, each of its pixels consists of a green sub-pixel and either a double-sized blue or a double-sized red sub-pixels. So even if the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has higher pixel count than any other smartphone on the market its sub-pixel count is identical to that of the iPhone 4S/4 Retina.


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