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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is Now Available for sale in the US

15 November, 2014 Galaxy Note 4

Note Edge


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge which is Samsung's first curved screen Smartphone is Now available for sale in the U.S. through all major carriers.



AT&T has put a $946 price tag on the Galaxy Note Edge for those who don't want a contract. And it's something you might want to consider, since signing a 2-year commitment brings down the price to $400. For comparison a Galaxy Note 4 is $826 off contract and $300 with a contract.


AT&T Next starts at $31.54 a month for 30 months, the middle stage is $39.42 for 24 months and the quickest option is $47.30 for 20 months. All these options total $946 at the end, of course.




T-Mobile's Uncarrier strategy means there's no subsidy but you can get a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge for $870 or space them out to $36.25 a month for 24 months.
A Galaxy Note 4 is $750 or $31.24 for two years.


Galaxy note Edge



Sprint has priced the Galaxy Note Edge the cheapest - $840 - but the two-year contract has you paying the most - $430 up front. The other option is 24 monthly payments of $35.
Again for comparison, a Galaxy Note 4 sets you back $720 off contract, $300 up front with a two-year Sprint contract or 24 payments of $30.




Verizon isn't selling the Galaxy Note Edge yet but you can pre-register for it. There's no price yet.





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