Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could come with massive storage options

30 August, 2023 Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could come with massive storage options


Remember back in the early days of the smartphone where we were seeing a max storage option of 128GB? These days, 128GB is the bare minimum when it comes to phones, and we've seen storage options go up to 1TB.


This is largely due to the fact that as our phones got more powerful, app file sizes also started to get bigger as they could leverage the power to put out better graphics, more complex computations, and so on. Now it looks like we could be entering the era of 2TB phones starting with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.



This is according to a post on X by @Tech_Reve who claims that for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung could be offering customers a 2TB option. This is a huge jump over the Galaxy S23 Ultra which offers 1TB as its max storage, but it could be perfect for users who store a lot of local media files and take photos and videos at higher resolutions.


We're afraid to think how much the 2TB model could cost. Usually the price jump from each storage tier is quite huge, and seeing as support for microSD cards is becoming rarer these days, customers who need the extra storage and don't want to rely on the cloud will have no choice but to pay for it.


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