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Samsung Galaxy S5 hidden features revealed

27 February, 2014 Samsung

Just days after announcing the Galaxy S5, popular review site CNET has taken a closer look at the Galaxy S5 software discovering various other features the company was quiet about.

Following are just few of the hidden features:


  • If you explore the Settings menu or the quick access settings in the notifications pulldown, you'll notice a quiet little option called Toolbox. Toggle it on and a white dot appears, inscribed with an ellipsis. Tap this and it will expand to reveal shortcuts to popular tools like the camera, voice recorder, browser, calculator, and the notes app -- but you can swap these for other apps.

New camera settings

  • There are a ton of new camera options, from the Selective Focus we heard about to some lesser-known features, such as a special treatment for action shots and the ability to easily secure photos with Samsung Knox.

Quick connect

  • Quick Connect is an easy press from the notifications shade, and replaces a bunch of confusing individual apps that connected to your computer and your other devices through a number of channels.

Source: cnet

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