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Samsung Galaxy S5 represent 0.7% of all Active Android Phones Globally

23 April, 2014 Galaxy S7



The Samsung Galaxy S5 launched globally on April 11 and just One week after launch (11-18,April) it grew to represent 0.7% of all active Android phones Globally, according to the analyst firm Localytics. This compares to the 1.1% of all active iPhones that the iPhone 5s managed in its first week of sale.



Still, it's important to note that Android encompasses a larger number of manufacturers and the Number of Active Android Handsets in the World is Far Greater than the Total Active iPhones devices in the world. Localytics suggests that the busy Android landscape is partly responsible for the proportionally slower growth of the new Samsung flagship.




For comparison, the predecessor to the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S4, currently holds a 51% market share in the United States, 28% in Europe and 21% in all remaining countries.





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