Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and Tab 3 8.0 may be announced soon

15 April, 2013 Samsung

The 10- and 8-incher Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 might be unveiled earlier than usual, as reported by Techblog. Furthermore, the 3G versions for both the 10- and 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 might already be seen on store shelves by May. On the other hand, we should expect the LTE-enabled versions to be sold on June or the following month.

The two tablets obviously differ in size and battery capacity. The 10-inch Tab 3 features a 7000 mAh battery and the other only has 4500 mAh battery. However, a good characteristic to note is that the 8-inch Tab 3 is actually very thin. Both have similar processors, Android versions, screen resolutions, cameras, among others.

No news yet on other noteworthy devices that will be unveiled by Samsung in the near future. These are the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus and the most-anticipated phablet, the Note 3, which is expected to top even the Samsung Galaxy S 4's sale AND reputation.



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