Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 could have some useful health features

2 July, 2024 Wearables

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 could have some useful health features


Our smartwatches come with a bunch of health features. This includes heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, an ECG monitor, and more. But if you're hoping for more, then maybe you should wait for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, especially if health features are important to you in a smartwatch.


According to a report from Android Authority in an APK teardown of the Samsung Health app. These strings suggest that these could be new health features that could make its way onto the Galaxy Watch 7. We're talking about features like an Advanced Glycation Endproduct (AGE) index.


For those unfamiliar, AGEs are what medical professionals believe play a critical role in the development of diseases that are related to age. This includes diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, and stroke. The code suggests that Samsung is partnering with Diagnoptics to develop this feature.


As to how Samsung plans to make this work with the Galaxy Watch 7, some researchers have found that AGEs have fluorescence that makes it easier to measure. This could be done through the heart rate monitor which emits light, offering users a non-invasive way of measuring.


This isn't to say it will be 100% accurate. Instead, it could provide users with a snapshot of their health and they can seek out professional medical help or a second opinion for a more accurate diagnosis. Samsung will announce the Galaxy Watch 7 at an event on the 10th of July.


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