Samsung S Pebble coming to US as Muse music player only sells for 49 Dollars

5 December, 2012 Samsung


Samsung's S Pebble will soon sell in America as Muse. Users using a Galaxy device (Samsung galaxy s II, Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II) will be able to connect to Muse and with the aid of the Muse Sync app(download link below), transfer songs along with other data without the need to connect with laptop computer.  The Muse music player features a metal clip, 3.5mm headphone jack, 4GB internal storage and SoundAlive audio tech, and it only costs $49 dollars.

Here's the samsung description on the Muse:

Designed to be the perfect music companion to your Samsung Galaxy handset, Muse is an MP3 player which can interface directly with most Galaxy handsets (see Specs for compatibility details). Transfer usic directly from your Galaxy smartphone to your Muse via the Muse Sync app available in Google Play. The clip-on design makes Muse especially useful for active listeners who don't want to take a phone along on their morning jog.

Link for Purchase

Download Muse Sync App here.




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