Samsung, Sony, LG, and HTC were all potential partners in the Nexus program

4 October, 2012 Other


Google and Microsoft both reportedly want to extend the Nexus 7 and Surface tablet lineups to include smartphones as a means to further increase the penetration of their own platforms, but the two companies will implement the techniques in a different tune, based on industry sources.

Google aims to launch smartphones based on its Nexus 7 platform in cooperation using a number of smartphone branded vendors with Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony Mobile Communications and HTC likely to be potential partners, said the sources.

However, Microsoft is reportedly tapping ODM maker Pegatron for that production of WP8-based smartphones slated for launch within the first half of 2013, the sources indicated.

Google reportedly will permit branded vendors setting hardware specifications along with looks of the forthcoming Nexus smartphones so long as the models are based on its latest native Android system, said the sources, adding this approach seems to be acceptable to brand players, since Google apparently is keeping its promise of not offering preferential treatment to Motorola.

Microsoft's go on to cooperate with ODMs could backfire, since its own-brand WP8 smartphones may compete directly with comparable models via its brand partners, including Nokia, HTC and Samsung. The three branded vendors have unveiled their WP8 models.

Additionally, Microsoft also requires all WP8 models to utilize the same platform and interface, reducing the differentiation of WP8 smartphones and thus creating more competition in the same camp, the source commented.


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