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Samsung TecTiles 2 now available

17 May, 2013 Samsung

Samsung TecTile is an app which lets you read and write TecTile NFC tags. You can create TecTiles to change settings on your phone, launch applications, check-in to places, update social status, or even make phone calls or send text messages automatically. Once you create a TecTile using the TecTile app, place the Tile in a convenient place, then tap your phone to the TecTile to perform the actions stored in the TecTile.

TecTiles are designed to work on Samsung Android smartphones that comply with MIFARETM technology, including Samsung Galaxy S III. Please see below for the latest list of compatible Samsung smartphones. TecTiles may work with other NFC-enabled Android smartphones that comply with MIFARE, but Samsung does not test other branded devices for compatibility or functionality and makes no representations or warranties whatsoever with respect to such use.


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Download: Samsung TecTile




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