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Samsung bought 5 Percent of Wacom for 58.2 million dollars

31 January, 2013 Samsung

Samsung Asia, a subsidiary of the Samsung Electronics will buy a 5 percent stake Wacom, which translates to roughly $58.7 million dollars,, according to South Korea's news agency "yonhapnews".  Wacom is the popular stylus maker and it's technology is used in both the first and second generation Galaxy Note.

The transaction, Wacom says, will allow Samsung to ensure "stable and timely access to Wacom's proprietary digital pen technology." Needless to say, this strategic partnership means expect more S Pen-enabled products in the future from Samsung.

Samsung will buy 20,996 common shares of Wacom on February 19th at a price of 255,510 Japanese yen per share.  See official document here.





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