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Samsung just pushed out a firmware update for the 7-year old Galaxy S6

22 September, 2022 Samsung

Samsung just pushed out a firmware update for the 7-year old Galaxy S6


With regards to programming support for Android smartphones, we're normally taking a gander at around 3-5 years, however it seems as though Samsung has gone past that in light of the fact that as per a report from, Samsung has pushed out a firmware update for the Galaxy S6, a phone that was initially delivered back in 2015.


Presently, clearly this update will not be knocking the phone to Android 13, yet rather it very well may be because of a GPS bug that Samsung has chosen to fix. For those new, a portion of Samsung's more established phones are impacted by a GPS bug and throughout the long term, we've seen Samsung fix gadgets like the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S7, so in a way it's not shocking that it advanced toward the Galaxy S6.


That being said, the changelog specifies nothing about a GPS fix, however there is a decent opportunity it very well may be connected. We need to consider how extreme this bug probably been on the off chance that Samsung is really carrying out an update for a phone they sent off quite a while back, a phone that we profoundly question is in turn a lot of nowadays.


In any case, we assume perhaps for legitimate reasons, Samsung is covering their bases just no doubt, so in the event that any of you end up stilling be involving the Galaxy S6 as your day to day driver, or on the other hand on the off chance that you make them lie around, you should look out for this update.


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